Saturday, December 19, 2015

Vishnu Island and Maury Island too

Vashon loop solo but really high. 

Also rode to Maury Island, which I don't think I've ever been to, which is named after the famous American journalist Maury Povich. 

Vashon Island may not be as annoying as it's sibling Bainbridge, it may be worse. The two share many characteristics, but it feels like Vashon is a step back, quieter, less cars, more rural. It recently scored a near perfect 9.9 on the liberal scale, making it the most liberal place in the country. I know somebody who grew up there who is not a liberal. He is blatantly racist, rather than discreetly racist.

It's neat though how you can access all of the central puget sound, via ferry, which are confusing. 

I forgot to bring lighters. Not being a cigarette smoker anymore, it's been a problem. I did remember, however, to bring my camp stove. Lit my joints just fine. 

3,150 feet of elevation gain over 40 miles. Should have been less, but I kept getting lost and climbing hills unnecessarily. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lost Highway in the rain

Is it a dragon or an elk?
This is the start of the lost highway 
This is what it looks like. 
Out here they have tire fires. Uncivilized. 
So I made up for them, and made a nice cup of earl gray tea to have with my homemade pot brownie. 
This is the end of the lost highway. 
To get to the hinterlands you have to ride the freeway shoulder. I left at halftime of the Seahawks game and just ahead of me a truck caught on fire and went up in flames.