Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Seattle Women's March: Signs, signs as far as the eye can see

Many of my friends started the march at Judkins Park, and as a testament to the overwhelming number of protestors, they spent hours standing, waiting for the mass of humanity, in its hope and beauty, to move.

Having missed the early ferry, I waited for my friends on the outskirts of Chinatown. As the river of determined yet joyous people marched past, as the skies cleared of clouds and the sun warmed us for the first time in what felt like years, I realized I didn't know what to do with myself.

As fighters from less technologically advanced times know as well, banners and flags allow groups to keep track of each other in crowds. In this fight, the signs served no less utility. But more than that, a considerable amount of time, thought, and humor went into these thoughtful, humorous, gorgeous signs.

So I started writing down the signs that I saw. Also, below, are some other signs of note.

 -We need a leader not a tweeter
-Love is love
-We go high
-Deflower the patriarchy
-Hate never made us great
-Power to the people
-Love conquers all
-Fascism is not to be debated, it is to be smashed
-Protect our Mother Earth
-Your silence will not protect you
-You can't comb over misogyny
FFS, Seattle, we get it, Go Hawks
 -Putin's puppet is not my president
-You. Me. Us.
-Men of quality don't fear equality
-Trump has hamster hands
-Unfit to lead
-Bitches get shit done
-Hear me roar
-Think outside my box
-Omg GOP wtf?
-Hindsight 2020
-They're called Nazis
-Immigrants make America great
-It's OK to feel things
-Fake president. sad.
-Carrie Fisher sent us

-Keep your tiny hands off our rights
-Pussy power
-We are better than this
-I march for my mother who marched for me
-Trump is darkness we are light
-Black lives matter
-Bridges not walls
-Women's rights are human rights
-God loves everybody
-Mr president hear our voices too
-This sign is too small to write all the things you are wrong about
-Release the tax returns now
-There is no planet b
-You are not powerless
I'm particularly fond of this sign, as it was made by my good friend Pastor Cris. She screenprinted a ton of these and handed them out to anybody who wanted one. When I saw this woman, Jan, with this sign, I ran back to take a photo for Cris, who was thrilled to see her work out in circulation. I also liked Jan for the other sign she carried, which said: "I smoke marijuana and I am a good person."
-Trump hates tacos
-Another man for peace
-Tiny hands off my body
-You work for us now
-Putins little pony
-Save America punch a nazi
-I fight for my community
-Reject the gender binary
-I'm a slow walker but I never walk back
-Trump is the anti-Christ

-I'm very upset
-Save the earth from Trump
-Rebellions are built on hope
-You matter
-Don't silence the science
-We all belong here we will defend you
-Don't bully my body
-Love is the way
-Don't twitter away our feedings
-Even his tweets are tiny
-Show us your tax returns 

-Can't believe we still have to protest this shit
-Can't build a wall with hands so small
-Make America smart again
-Fascism is unAmerican
-Stop fretting and start fighting
-We will not be quiet in this dark hour
-We're created equal (person in wheelchair held this sign)
-Resistance is fertile
-Love wins
-I'm so angry I made this sign
-This is what democracy looks like
-Nasty woman
-This pussy's got teeth

-Claws out ready to pounce
-Abort unwanted presidents
-Fight the alt right
-Dykes for peace
-We shall overcome
-Dump trump
-No galaxy bigly enough for your ego
-Girl Scouts against trump
-Girls just want to have fun-damental rights
-Orange is the new black
-Wake up sheeple
-He is not my Russian
-Liberty and justice for all
-Cut off the chains of hate
-We are one #stopshootingoursons
 -Normalize dissent
-Grab patriots by the balls
-Stay nasty
-This is not normal
-Lock him up
-Today is just our warm up
-Fascism needs scapegoats
-No rest until all are treated like white guys
-Please be nice
-I'm not ovary acting
*My mom didn't march, but if she had, she might have carried a sign that said: "At least fix your hair."

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years Resolutionaries

It's Here are my New Years resolutions for a better productive year newly!!!!
1- try new drugs
2-have sex with a cop

3- ???

4-cowboy poetry

5 -become a vegan and tell nobody, then quit and tell everyone 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Burma Road in the cold and rain

Here lies a lucky, long-lived gill-lung'd creature of the deep, which returned to its hometown for the holidays hoping to hump and die.

I found this fish, and others, ignorant to their own glory and grotesqueness, on the banks of Rendsland Creek as it flowed into the Hood Canal.

This time of year we get to see them, finally, the heartiest and horniest, which have up till now only shown us their backs underwater.

I grew up near the Cedar River and marveled at the water in fall. So many fish, just trying to get laid and die. Lewis and Clark refused to eat them, and instead ate their dogs and starved. If they caught any salmon themselves, they traded then to the natives for the village dogs and ate them. Idiots. 

Rode the Burma Road today. Intermittent rain, until the last 15 miles when it poured, which was cold af. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lost Highway in the rain, again

Riding on Highway 3 in the rain to Old Belfair Road is scary, several degrees scarier than crossing the Ballard Bridge, as scary, maybe scarier, as Highway 1 in August. 

Caught up to a bike tourer, on his way to San Diego by way of Belfair. Cool guy. Split ways at Bear Creek.

I hope to take a nice dry ride again some day. 

Passed this freighter a couple weeks ago. Looks like it hit some rough waters.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rainy day ride to the south side

They hate us cuz they ain't us
Baby not included
South Park

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Very Pornobomber Halloween

Southern looooop. I call this, 'mensroom at gene coulon park.' If the behavior is wanted, I guess it's cool. 
We had fresh porn waiting for us at porno bridge, spookier than usual, as our secret sharer kept with the spirit of the season.
Scary clowns are a big deal these days. He's staying fresh, riding trends.
Actually scary was watching mr Q go down right in front of me. Just some scrapes and scratches. Phew. 
The real October surprise.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Columbia River GORGEous

On Sunday we go Portland to Gresham via Joe TriMetRO, then on to Hood River. Hopefully this wasn't the last bike adventure of the summer of 2016. 
All sorts of waterfalls, earth just peeing all over itself basically. So beautiful!
There was this thing. Much easier going down than up. 
Mosier tunnel. Oregon has been completing lots of projects on the route, including bike trails. Riding on I-84 is tolerable, though, because you make good time. 
We were lucky for having crappy weather. Sometimes the clouds got so dark it felt like sundown, other times we could see blue skies in the distance, but couldn't pedal fast enough to reach them. For a few fleeting moments the sun shined. No tents, got a room and kicked it like player outlaws on the lam, smoking pot and watching reality TV.
We never got caught in the pouring rain for long. Pretty great timing on the tunnels. On the ride back to Portland on TuesdayI put on my rain pants after Cascade Locks to ensure it would stop raining for the rest of the day.
Drank a lot of beer in Hood River. Really good beer. They have a really cool bookstore there as well. Plus, Pietro's Pizza. Old school Portland. Didn't make it to The Dalles, nor across the river to the Washington side. Kept it Oregon Trill.*

*trill = a portmanteau for 'true' and 'real'

Sunday, September 25, 2016

8th anniversary ride

Poured some beer out for Handsome Jack while at the scrap pile.
Jack wrecked here once, biffed it against this curb. No helmet. He was fine. 
Do it, coward
Weather: eeeeexcellent
Harbor illsand