Saturday, December 19, 2015

Vishnu Island and Maury Island too

Vashon loop solo but really high. 

Also rode to Maury Island, which I don't think I've ever been to, which is named after the famous American journalist Maury Povich. 

Vashon Island may not be as annoying as it's sibling Bainbridge, it may be worse. The two share many characteristics, but it feels like Vashon is a step back, quieter, less cars, more rural. It recently scored a near perfect 9.9 on the liberal scale, making it the most liberal place in the country. I know somebody who grew up there who is not a liberal. He is blatantly racist, rather than discreetly racist.

It's neat though how you can access all of the central puget sound, via ferry, which are confusing. 

I forgot to bring lighters. Not being a cigarette smoker anymore, it's been a problem. I did remember, however, to bring my camp stove. Lit my joints just fine. 

3,150 feet of elevation gain over 40 miles. Should have been less, but I kept getting lost and climbing hills unnecessarily. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lost Highway in the rain

Is it a dragon or an elk?
This is the start of the lost highway 
This is what it looks like. 
Out here they have tire fires. Uncivilized. 
So I made up for them, and made a nice cup of earl gray tea to have with my homemade pot brownie. 
This is the end of the lost highway. 
To get to the hinterlands you have to ride the freeway shoulder. I left at halftime of the Seahawks game and just ahead of me a truck caught on fire and went up in flames. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Good timez in Portlandtown

1) befriended an excon in the mensroom. I covered the prison he served time at during my first FT permanent newspaper job. We bonded over that. He slapped his favorite stripper's ass and said: 'it's sweet and buttery. Everybody loves sweet and buttery.'

2) 'I hate this floor. It's gross.' - Sunshine, who deepthroated a bottle of MGD. That may be part of the reason for her missing teeth. 

3) Sunshine's Rough Friend, as she became known to us, is a 17-year vet of Portland strip clubs, and said she used to have double Ds, until her three-year drug diet of smack and meth. Speaking of threes, she said she has had three kids. She clarified that Kate and I are just friends, and then groped Kate again and again. Straight up, just squeezed Kate's boobs for a few minutes. 

4) Kate purchased a lap dance for me with the least enthusiastic stripper in the place. Her 'pole dance' was pulling her granny pants halfway down and rocking back and forth. As Trey Songz's 'slow motion' played, she basically lied on me. We shook hands when it was all over. 

5) i would go back. It was a very welcoming place.

Willapa Hills Trail - Adna to Pe Ell

Couldn't wait for the ribbon to get cut. At times it was slow going, and crunchy, so I imagined myself as an ice breaker ship, exploring the Arctic. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Public Image Ltd. - Nothing in particular

Public Image Ltd. - Nov. 23, 2015 - Showbox Theater, Seattle, Wash.

1. It rained, and my backpack was big and bulky and felt like a big old booty as I shook it. 

2. it occurred to me, he is the closest thing I've ever had to a hero, and I am standing this close to him. 

3. He is sick. He blew nose rockets, blew his nose in his hand and wiped it on his black dickies shirt. A flutter of spent tissue poofed up out his hand and fell on stage. My first thought: oh, Johnny rotten, O Elvis, throw me your infected tissue! I could brag about my rotten cold, my rotten flu, I got it from the anarchist/antichrist! It would be like having his child! Then I felt embarrassed, ashamed of this groupie instinct, and was relieved to think nobody else would know what I was thinking.

4. On the subject of being sick, the last time I was at the showbox, the first and only time, was to see the Flaming Lips back in the '90s, and the lead singer was sick too. They come to Seattle and we get them sick.

5. Aaron bought us the tickets for my 40th birthday. It was 20 years ago, last month, that I moved in with him and Vern. The Sandcastle. That November was colder than this one. We loved Johnny rotten together. That's how we became friends. We were both in trouble, sitting in the vice principals office. Eighth grade. We had never spoke. I said, I heard you like the sex pistols. We didn't hear any sex pistols tonight. They played a great set. They didn't play the song, "Seattle."

6. Aaron caught out in the bus tunnels. I rode down second avenue in the rain to that really good subway on fourth , with the gnomish sandwich artist whose name tag says Ewok. I told him that he is the best. Always. He is the best. You could tell it made him feel good to hear that. 'We aim to please.' I knew it was a lie, subway aims to please no one, but I didn't want to argue.

7. The train c-blocked me, fenced me in on the east side. I raced it to downtown, but was bested. If I had been just a little faster.

8. Caught the drunk boat back to Bummertown. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

When the levee brakes - south south bae

Little southland solo ride, Green River down, interurban superottobonbon up. Got a little muddy. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Forest Service Road 41 loop

Up at 7am, on the road at 8am, headed to Easton for water, then planned to loop through the woods on FS 41. Had to ford Cabin Creek at the washout. 
Left the easy grades of the Iron Horse. Here is some wartime propaganda at the spigot.
Lots of washouts. Almost all required dismounting and walking, tho I rode a few, out if impatience, which was kind if dumb, considering I was alone and it was a pretty remote stretch of road. the section from the creek ford to the intersection of FS 4110 is pretty shitty, about 4.5 miles. Really beautiful, but ungroomed and treacherous. 
Past the 4110 turnoff surface conditions improve, until the switchbacks to the pass. On the final ascent it's loose gravel, washboard ridges, headwind and steep grades. But once you go over the pass, about 10 miles from the ford, it  becomes so gorgeous. 
This was the prettiest thing. Those mountains in the distance, the North Cascades, I've never seen them naked of snow, even in summer. I figured the loop would take me a couple hours. Actually, it took almost twice that. 
The gate to hell!! From Hyak I hauled ass. Made it back to North Bend in about 1.5 hours.