Monday, December 1, 2014

Cold (Green) Mountain

The ground was hard and the snow but a dusting
I wonder if anybody in Seattle was looking off toward the mountains at me at the same moment I was looking at them in Seattle 
The Cascades look like a humongous tidal wave frozen solid
The cold squeezed ice out of the ground in ribbons
Even without leaves, the bare sun can barely penetrate the forest. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

OMG more porn

South Kitsap - Fauntleroy - I-90 - Bellevue - Renton - Rainier Avenue

And more evidence of the Pornobomber's persistence 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold and clear day ride to Renton: Summer is gone

The Pornobomber of Mercer Slough: What is with this guy?

These days I'd be more surprised if we didn't discover porn at porno bridge. The Pornobomber has been expanding his horizons as of late. Mr Q said we had seen this one before, it's a repeat. 
What did surprise us was today's discovery of his tell-tale photocopied obscene material at other locations in the slough. Here is a piece pasted to the nature area signage. He had pasted other items here, but they had evidently been scraped away. 
Here's an interesting one, kind of goes with fitness theme of the heavily ridden trail. Plus my finger got in the way. 
This one, of a woman with feathery angel wings, was found crumpled and singed, with the woman's face torn off. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ridin' Dirty - Safari in Silverdale

Night Ride de Kitsap, in advance of the October rains. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handsome Jack memorial page

Jack and a kitty friend

This is your one-stop page for all Jack matters all the time

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The magical kingdom of Stuart Island

Stuart Island is an island in the San Juan Islands. It lies north of San Juan Island, and is America's buffer against the traditionally bellicose Canadians. With no ferry service, and few year-round inhabitants, it is a remote outpost of a remote outpost. That's Canada out there. It looks like the U.S., but it's not. 
The beaches are rocky and slippery, and great for whale watching.
We watched the shit out of a pod of orcas. 
This is the view from Tip Top, the highest point on the island and a popular mating location. 
There is cool stuff on the island, like this '34 Chevy.
And these horny* donkeys. 
This one wouldn't take no for an answer. 
Plus on and around Stuart there is an abundance of delicious wildlife.
Here is a hoof we found. 

*hungry, not horny. My bad. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Scenes from the West Side

It's beautiful here, in so many ways. Like this view from the ferry at sunset, the hammerhead crane in the foreground. 
And the view from Green Mountain, with a rainbow in the sky. 
Then there is the beauty of a no panhandling sign painted on the side of a mini mart. The owner of this particular store backed off an armed robber recently with a piece of his own. The man also carries twin .357s, named for his favorite confederate generals. 
And if your idea of a delicious lunch is a plate of onion rings and a powerade to wash it down, you might think this lunch special is beautiful. 
There is also the pipefit beauty of a ferry, which is beautiful to all the cold and flu germs you will catch aboard this rust bucket. also, if you see a trans teen aboard the ferry carrying a sword and shouting into a cell phone that s/he wants to kill somebody, give them a wide berth. 
Really, is there anything more beautiful than a fleet of shopping carts tucked in for the night at the local winco?
Police line tape can give a dull parking lot a festive dash of panache!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Krazi the dog: All business, all the time

Mark Twain said if a person picks up a starving dog and makes him prosperous the dog will not bite, and this is the principal difference between a dog and man.

Mr. Twain never met Krazi. 

Mr Q's parents found Krazi at a shelter--the place where he got his name, and spelling -- and they picked him to kill marmots at their agricultural concern on the eastside of the mountains. 
Killing is his business, and business is good.

He can kill upward of eight marmots a week. Or at least thats how many carcasses have been recovered in a week. Who knows, he could have eaten some. 

Krazi has been known to bite the tires of cars that arrive in the driveway, and has also bitten the hand that feeds him, and for this reason he is incarcerated in a fenced area when not on patrol. His office, if you will. 

Mr Q has noticed wounds on his parents, and when he asks, he has gotten answers like, "Oh, it was my fault."

That's just the cost of doing business, Krazi style. One thing that can be said for Krazi: he is all about business. 

As the marmots dream in their bunkers, innocent as thieves, Krazi is awake in his kennel, pouring over Excel spreadsheets, generating results in the results-oriented world of marmot killing. How to increase kill rates? How to wipe out entire genetic lines, entire families? Maximize profits, maximum slaughter, this is what Krazi lives for. 

Look in the cold vacuum of his eyes, and you are looking at business. 

During our Iron Horse trip in June, on the morning of our return west to snoqualamie pass, we heard headwinds were forecasted in the 30 to 50 mph range. Add to that loose gravel, a steady grade, sun, blunts and Lime-a-Rita.

Krazi the dog became our spirit animal. Business. Business. Business. All the time business.  As we cranked up the mountain, muscling our front tire back into the track, we gathered strength from the thought of Krazi's relentless drive to take care of business. 

Here is the photo Krazi uses for his LinkedIn profile. 

Memes and pics courtesy of Mr Q

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

There's no place like home

What's up with the stars? Does Desi like stars or something? This makes me sad, but I still prefer this sign to all the election signs. 

Freedom isn't free ...

In fact, it's really expensive!

Iron Horse, up and down

I like signs that are shot up. It's the rural equivalent of tagging. 
The 20 miles up took two hours. The 20 miles down took a little more than an hour. When mr q and I rode it in June, it took us four hours. We were loaded, though, both with gear and victuals as well as Fireball brand cinnamon whiskey liquor.  
While shivering through the 2.something mile long tunnel, heading toward the light, I had this thought: hell is not a burning coal field of fire, it is a freezing cold tomb. 
This is a picture of the sky. Couldn't ask for a nicer day. The shade was cool, and the sun was warm as a campfire. 
Keep your hand on that plow, hold on
From the u-pick blueberry fields of North Bend. Did Agent Cooper just eat cherry pie? Did he ever try the blueberries? I ate about as much as I bought. I reminded myself of a hungry bear.