Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Night Riders Celebrate Four Years of Penetrating The Evening That The City Sleeps To Hide

Happy Birthday to you, Night Riders!

September marks the fourth anniversary of the union's inception.

Much has changed since the beginning. Different bikes, different beverages, different blunt raps.

Not to mention the ever-expanding borders of the Night Riders' sphere of influence.

There are no official events planned to celebrate the anniversary, so membership is encouraged to celebrate as you see fit.

Here's to four more years of hill bombing!

Four more years! (repeat)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ridin Dirty - Early Fall

Solo ride to the sammamish river. i believe led zeppelin and metal fingers are the best night riding jams. how many more beautiful nights will we have? isnt that the question we are all asking?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beacon Hill bypass trail to nowhere

Solo night ride tonight, checked out the new beacon hill bypass trail. It's pretty nice heading south from the RZA bridge, the other way would be a climb. Sort of an odd trail, makes sense at the north entrance, but the south end t-bones into the middle of holgate: take a left and you've got yrself a serious climb up to hilltop; go right and you plummet into sodo at 40mph coasting.

the bridge from the waterfront to lower queen anne is nearing completion, the elliot bay trail has reopened.

nice night, cool air, clear skies far as the eyes can see. september is the new august, except without the heat.

Monday, September 3, 2012

New FOUR Loko flavor is Coppertone Inspired

It's called 'coco loko,' and it tastes like suntan lotion.

'i like it,' mr. q said. 'it's funny, this is basically a bottle of wine, if we've done our math on this right. This is middle-aged Boone Farm.'

Porno Bridge Cryptographs!

Like the cave paintings of somewhere in France, a pervert has crudely expressed his highest aspirations. Instead of tasty bison, this hungry soul prefers to depict grandmotherly types, grinning, while apparently peeing in a stemmed glassware.

jeremiah weed spiked cola is 5.8%. mr. q finds this laughable.

lots of dr. dre on the jam box.

12 miles in, already drunk

Ridin Dirty - Labor Day Pains

Had to fish a chunk of glass out of mr. Q's rear tire. on our way for about 15 mins. going round the north lake loop.