Sunday, August 28, 2011

Didn't make it to Kent

It is such a nice night we bitched out short of kent.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ridin' Dirty - washelli cemetery to auburn

Looks like we might have to take the scrap pile off the night riders destination list. bummer.
for the third time after jeremiah had his accidental incident with a weak length of hose, we encountered security, blowing up the spot. This time the 'officer' was not masturbating in his car. he was walking the beat. a real go getter.
'i think if we give it some time,' said president q, nodding wisely.
on our way to auburn. mr q didnt fancy the bombing of white center. it must be attempted before the nigh end of summer.
mr. q also bitched about metallica, so put on DOOM.
vanilla cone kicked our ass.
63.5 degrees. wonderful, everything is wonderful.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aide mémoire regarding Nyte Ryderz of Renton

fuzzy photo, forgot real camera

The executive committee of the Night Riders Union of Seattle fellowshipped Monday night with a delegation from the Nyte Ryderz of Renton, enjoying the ride south to Randy’s despite the mid-August rain and wind.

In all, four union members and six Nyte Ryderz attended, making it the largest ride in union history, and one of the less well-attended rides for the Nyte Ryderz.

There were no knife fights, nor was there any aggressive break dancing. Nobody got served anything but frosty chocolate milkshakes. The only breach of protocol was committed by Secretary Bobby Gentle, who while gesticulating wildly during formal introductions did cause a glass of water to spill and wet the crotch of a member of the Renton delegation. No firearms were drawn.

Following the fellowshipping, union members were escorted into the city of Renton and were brought to the Stairway to Heaven, a regular stop for Nyte Ryderz plying the twilight of South King County. There union members proffered an alcopop and a strawberry blunt to be shared as a gesture of goodwill.

Among the outcomes of the diplomatic mission were the following:
-An open invitation for union members to attend Nyte Ryder rides as well as a BBQ next Monday
-A tentative accord to begin a regular ride with members of both gangs
-A tentative accord to stage a Lake Washington loop ride with members of both gangs
-Tentative plans to rendezvous in Georgetown for a tour of union hot spots, including the Scrap Pile

“It was a triumph of fraternity,” said union President Nunca Morales. “It goes to show that night riders, be them in Renton or Seattle, have more in common than having things that are not in common. With each other. Have in common with each other, more of them, you know what I mean. We speak the same language, worship the same gods and can sit together like dirty hippies and drink FOUR Loko and smoke a blunt.”

 “Many thanks to the gracious members of the Nyte Ryderz for inviting us into their turf,’ said Secretary Gentle. “This proves that the negative reputation of street gangs is just mainstream media hype.”

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The shit winds

The winds of mercer island love night riders.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nick messed up his front wheel and it's my fault

Rolling through fremont tonight, no lights, nick hanging from my back door, i swerved to catch a curb cut and didnt yell or anything. Nick hit the cut midway, three or four inches of concrete. He didnt wreck, but he got a terrific dent in his front rim for his troubles. had to unhook his front brakes to get home. Totally shitty. But before his bike sustained critical damage, we hiked along the no man's land below the magnolia bluffs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ridin' Dirty -North Seattle CC

the night riding experience provided by North Seattle community college runneth over with excellence.

the second floor of the campus is a smooth concrete expanse, criss-crossed with sky bridges and walkways angling around buildings.

mysterious sounds were most likely custodians, not ghosts.

each time i ride across the ballard bridge i feel that my life is in danger.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fresh ... FRESH exciting!

The ride up from edmonds was easier than i expected. So in other words, it's a tease of a hill, but it isn't cruel.

Edmonds is a tease

The hill dropping into edmonds is bunk. Maybe that's not fair. sans headwind, it would be better. major disappointment. word to the mother bird.

Ridin' Dirty - all up in edmonds' grill

Just saw a bare chested man riding down the interurban.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who? Who?

Bombing down through disco park, slammed on the brakes when i came upon this inquisitive customer. Jeremiah and i were about five feet from him/her. s/he didnt seem freaked out at all.