Monday, December 26, 2011

BlackBerry Ad Features Funk Faking Night Riders

They are like the cool version of us!

At my point attack I soar at you like an eagle,
I'm the sheriff, and bitin' is illegal.
So next time in town, I highly recommend this,
you gots to chill, because I'm strictly business.

Mission Accomplished, Capt. Cara

chromes a lot, southern night rider, muy gangsta

For the most part, since starting Oct. 1, Capt. Cara rode during the day on her Seattle to New Orleans bicycle voyage.
But when she crossed the line into her home state of Louisiana, it was at night, and she was drinking.
This may amount to the most epic achievement by any night rider in the history of the union.
She arrived home on Christmas, pedaling most days, but not all.
Congratulations, Cara! You did it!

Read all about it on Cara's blog.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Keep Yo Shit Tight, Aight – DIY Bike Repair Stations in the U District

Photo: David Tan/UW Daily
There are now five self-service bike repair stations open 24/7 on campus, making the University District a most hospitable neighborhood for night riders. Not only can you drive a Memo's Washington burrito all up in your guts, ogle drunk sorority sisters, and score a twump twizzie from one of the Ave's entrepreneurs with very little effort, you can fix minor mechanicals on the fly.

Here is the UW Daily's story on the Dero Fixit stations.

Most helpful are the bike pump and the repair rack. No crank remover or bottom bracket tools, but they have pedal and headset wrenches available. One less monkey to stop the show.

  • UW Medical Center
  • Spokane Lane north of Kane Hall
  • Thurston Lane near Bagley Hall
  • the IMA
  • William Gates Hall

View Bicycle Repair Stations - UW Campus in a larger map

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The bollard and the damage done

Sept. 17, 2011 - 8:57 p.m.
Mr. Q, after the wreck

Trust No One In The U District

Mito trusts me to make coffee in the morning.

Here is a picture of Nick ...

Nov. 8, 2011 - 12:09 a.m.
... where he looks bad ass. This was taken minutes before we wrecked.

Monday, December 5, 2011

For Immediate Release - Active membership at all time low

i'm not angry, just disappointed
SEATTLE -- Active membership in the Night Riders Union of Seattle has dipped to a historic low and could fall all the way to zero before the end of the year.

AWOL riders, increasingly cold and soon to be wet weather and injuries have left the night streets of Seattle unmolested. Hills are being left unbombed. Alcopops are not being ingested. Virgin reaches of the Puget Sound region are going unconquered and women in revealing night club attire are not being ogled. Experts expect recovery will be slow and boring and also annoying.

To maintain good standing status, members must complete a 25-mile night ride with another member every month.

Only two injuries have been reported among members in good standing, but considering there were only three members in good standing to begin with, that amounts to more than a 60 percent drop in active membership.

Jeremiah, the remaining healthy night rider, hasn't reported any missions. And if even if he did, it wouldn't be an official ride without being accompanied by another union member.

But that may not be true for long, said Armand Tanzarian, spokesman for the union's Judicial Committee. Jeremiah could change the night ride requirement that at least two members be present. Just like that.

"And he wouldn't have to tell anybody. It is possible he already has. You should call him before sending out your press release," Tanzarian said.

Tanzarian noted that union bylaws allow any member to change the bylaws for any reason.

"But nobody does. Why? Because nobody follows them anyway."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are all suspects

Ok, who took a shit in the third floor hallway?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Motherfucking Hubris, or, How I Crashed My Bike and Broke my Ass

Not technically my ass, but you can see the break in my clavicle and the break in the rib, third one down.

Good night for a ride, dry, cool, quiet. Nick and I headed out just before midnight last Monday for a quick loop around Lake Union, to downtown and back through Fremont

Had one drink, not that stoned, so, for all intents and purposes, I was stone cold sober.

Hadn't ridden in more than a week, traveled down to Los Angeles to see Cara and spent the time sitting on a beach. Exercise amounted to walking three blocks to the liquor store for another bottle of whiskey to fit in my ass pocket.

Coasting into downtown, just past REI, Nick on my right, I skillfully broke from formation and began gliding across the vacant four-lane. It's a good feeling, kill the engines on a smooth downhill, weaving around traffic turtles, like a spaceship dodging stars.

I started to cut back to the right lane to join Nick. I didn't know that he had pulled out after me, or that he was heading into my intended path – he was behind me, I couldn't see him.

Something moved in the corner of my eye, but it happened fast and couldn't tell how close or fast he was. We collided. Handlebars cranked hard right and bike stopped suddenly. I kept moving.

Then everything went into slow motion.

Concrete rushed toward my face like a baseball. I was flying face first toward earth, but it felt like it was taking forever. The road surface had grooves to gutter away rain water; there, traces of moss growing in a seam between slabs; here, a stain that could have been motor oil or chewing gum.

I had this thought: “I am going to hit my head … I am wearing a helmet.”

At the last second I turned, rolled to my right. I don't know if my bike had tangled beneath me and rotated me as I fell, or I did it as some life-preserving instinct buried deep in human DNA, but when I landed, I landed HARD on my shoulder and ribs, no bouncing or rolling. Something snapped and all the air in my lungs belched out of me.

I tried to stand up – but couldn't stand straight – and lurched my bike to the curb, where I dropped it, then dropped to my hands and knees on the sidewalk, writhed, groaning and trying to catch my breath.
Nick laughed at me, and told some concerned passersby that I was fine and not to worry.

I wanted to thank the people for their concern, and tell Nick to go fuck himself, but I couldn't talk. All I could do was emit a loud, guttural noise that sounded like a masturbating rhinoceros. After a minute or so of writhing – it's hard to tell how long one writhes – I was able to stand straight and tried to walk it off. My entire right torso and shoulder was on fire, with stabbing and pinching pains, and fire, fire, fire.

My first thought was: “There, I paid the piper. Now I don't have to worry, free and clear.”

When I was able to speak I told Nick: “I had that coming.”

Nick, who was not wearing a helmet, emerged with a tender bruise on his hip. I demanded that he start wearing a helmet.

He disregarded my demand. "I have pretty good luck when I crash," he said, and started to say more, but realized what he was saying, and shut up.

His wheels were damaged.

I don't know if my bike was damaged, as I was unable to ride. We caught a bus back to the University District. I went to the ER in the morning.

As payment for my hubris – drunken riding, riding at night without lights, running reds and octagons, downhill bombing in the dark, no hands, ogling women, mouthing off to drivers, bunny hopping – I offered the gods a broken collarbone, a torn AC ligament in my shoulder, a broken rib, many more bruised ribs, and a sprained ankle. Beside that, just scrapes and bumps (And, at this point, no need for surgery).

Healing could take six weeks, it could be nine weeks before I can ride again. The doctor said smoking inhibits healing, and if I don't quit it could take much longer to heal, or may not heal at all.

“No problem,” I said. “I'll just ride my bike a lot, and jog, and stay active so I'm not just sitting around wanting to smoke.”

I will also have to make a financial offering, in the sense that I do not have health insurance. It would have been so much better to be hit by a driver.

Night Riders Union of Seattle leadership has hit a rough patch of road recently, and not a single member of the four-member union leadership team (The FOURlokos) has health insurance (this is not to jinx you, Jeremiah)). It is my hope that my injury will complete the circle of bad luck and we will pedal toward many years of free and easy riding and living.

My neighbors, who are also friends, are the reason I have been able to get through. Nick, Animito, Stevie, and Caleb have cooked for me, cleaned for me, helped me dress, rearranged my apartment to make it more accessible, and have been dependable, understanding, and sympathetic. I am so grateful I have these people in my life. Many, many thanks and lots of kisses but no hugs.

To all other Night Riders who are healthy, wealthy, and wise, a word of caution: The difference between me and you is luck. It is nothing you have done, you haven't earned it and you don't deserve it, and if you allow yourself to give credit to will rather than grace, you are daring the gods to reach down from the skies and thump you in the back of the head.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hell cannot assail pagans

this is big red, jeremiah's steez.

representing hard, from the cul-de-sac

No barking from the dog, no smog, and mama cooked the breakfast with no hog.

Sum bitch

See those two glowing lights behind the bollard? They are like demon eyes! Or streetlights in the distance.

Couches in my passway

South park somewhere

Suckas? what can you do?

Mr q, we miss u

Never mind the bollards here are the night riders

Represent the vista
im here 4 ya sister
i got more strokes
than da vuelta
& cheese melta

port o'seattle cops
can suck it
i already drunk it

he came liike a goblim
left waving
no problem

'you want to do me a favor?'

open container
its a no brainer

cuz im dope like a leotard
represent hard

drunk on acolpop
were rolling deep
ya dont stop

yo, yo, im gonna let u finish, i just got 2 prosletize, suckas bettah recognize, shit gets real and hazy, peace out patrick swayze

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall 2011

It's drizzling, and the fresh rain kicks up grit perfume. it hangs in the air and you can taste it between your teeth. the huskies won. the seahawks lost. men and boys in hoods are angling in the duwamish, which smells like the fish are decomposing in the water. autumn feels normal.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall couldn't come sooner

Peace to Mary Rose

The summer came and went without making much noise, but for the Night Riders, the lack of sunshine wasn't the worst part.

In the order with which they occurred over the past three weeks: Handsome Jack's cancer came roaring back to life, Mr. Q face-planted and seriously damaged his grill and doesn't have health insurance to help pay for the repair of his face, and now the unthinkable, tragedy beyond understanding, has struck Jeremiah's immediate family.

Fall begins Friday. This summer can't end fast enough.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bad medicine in Tukwila

bad luck may look like fun, but it sucks

Posted 10:11 p.m.

TUKWILA, Green River Trail -- Rain was a bad omen. Wrecks n effect in tukwila. First jeremiah dumps his bike. Then mr. Q struck a random, unflagged bollard at cecil moses park. Chipped two three four teeth. Harborview  ER. Son of a bitch.

UPDATE: 2:23 a.m.

It began raining when we left Magnolia. By the time we hit downtown we were pretty well soaked. We launched early, 7:20 p.m., to make sure we could make it all the way to Auburn and not have to turn around, like last time. The ride is about 60 miles.

The bad luck started when Jeremiah fell behind. Mr. Q turned around to check on him.

Turns out we had left him far behind, and while standing in the saddle and looking for us, he rode off a curb at 27th Ave. S and S 102nd St., dropping his bike. No injuries, but kinked his handlebars.

Mr. Q found him, and not seeing headlights for a while, I turned around and found Mr. Q digging for his tools. Jeremiah got his bars straight. Rather than have us wait for him to repack his bag, Mr. Q told us to start without him, he would catch up.

At this point we had started the Green River Trail, no street lights on 27th Ave. Jeremiah and I broke off and made it across the first bridge. Jeremiah held back to wait for Mr. Q. He never showed up.

At about 9 p.m. -- visibility poor, headwind and rain -- Mr. Q was about to enter Cecil Moses Memorial Park when he encountered shifting problems. He looked down at his drive train. At that moment he approached a bollard in the middle of the trail, bifurcating the path for two-way traffic, but did not see it.

Here is an example of what a bollard looks like.
The quick release cap and left blade of Mr. Q's fork struck the bollard. The handlebars cranked hard left.* Mr. Q was flung face first toward the pavement. The impact chipped three four of his front teeth. He was able to recover one part of a tooth. We were unable to find any more pieces.

Beth drove down and picked him up, took him to Harborview. Received a text at 12:42 a.m. that he was waiting to be x-rayed.

After Beth and Mr. Q left, Jeremiah and I hung around a park shelter. A cop showed up to check the restrooms, but he was cool (sheriff's deputy, not city of Tukwila cop). We rode straight home. To make it more of a bitch, it had stopped raining. Final mileage was about 28 miles. Mr. Q's wreck occurred half way to our destination.

UPDATE: Sunday

Mr. Q got out of the hospital at about 4:30 a.m. No broken bones, but four teeth damaged and his knee is messed up. He said the pain isn't bad.

*White paint transfer from the bollard was observed on the fork. The skewer cap, in pieces, was found in the middle of the path. Handlebar tape on the right drop was torn and scuffed.

Hurray for the Ship Canal Trail!

blue dots are proposed trail, red line is dead man's curve

A new stretch of bike trail to be finished in the coming months will connect the Ship Canal Trail to the Elliot Bay Trail, closing a crucial gap in (north) Seattle's bike infrastructure.

For those Night Riders who know too well "Dead Man's Curve" (otherwise known as the Nickerson/15th Avenue West Ramp to southbound 15th Avenue West, see red line on map above) this tiny stretch of trail is glorious news. Among the north end's most pressing problems -- the Ballard Bridge -- this is up there.

Dead Man's Curve will be closed for a month to secure the wall above the future bike trail, which means cyclists will have to take a somewhat dodgier route to get to Magnolia and beyond. (See green arrows for suggested route)

Something the union's Engineering Committee discussed in its analysis of bike infrastructure published last year, the influential Grape Swisher Report, is that the completion of the trail means more users and more users using the road that runs by Fisherman's Terminal, W Emerson Place, to connect the Elliot Bay Trail.

The little stretch of road has a short, but steep, incline over the BNSF mainline to a four-way stop at Gilman Avenue. It also is narrow, rough, and sees many engines gunning.

This could end up being a weird little bottleneck for southbound riders, especially not especially strong riders. Quite a bit of industrial traffic uses that road, as well as a lot of office workers. At rush hour the place is a mess. Add to that it is one of only three arterial roads in and out of Magnolia, this piece of road might start to totally suck.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mean Streets of Seattle

The Ave and Campus Parkway
Twelve people in Washington have been killed while riding bikes so far this year.

The most recent deaths were last weekend, two, one outside Port Angeles and another just a few blocks from here.

The average is 10 a year.

I'm curious, though, about how many more are seriously injured. So far this year I have seen two downed cyclists, alive but laid the fuck out. One back in June, and another in August, on Ravenna Boulevard. No cars appeared to be involved in that one.

Two in one year seems like a lot for one person to see.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Didn't make it to Kent

It is such a nice night we bitched out short of kent.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ridin' Dirty - washelli cemetery to auburn

Looks like we might have to take the scrap pile off the night riders destination list. bummer.
for the third time after jeremiah had his accidental incident with a weak length of hose, we encountered security, blowing up the spot. This time the 'officer' was not masturbating in his car. he was walking the beat. a real go getter.
'i think if we give it some time,' said president q, nodding wisely.
on our way to auburn. mr q didnt fancy the bombing of white center. it must be attempted before the nigh end of summer.
mr. q also bitched about metallica, so put on DOOM.
vanilla cone kicked our ass.
63.5 degrees. wonderful, everything is wonderful.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aide mémoire regarding Nyte Ryderz of Renton

fuzzy photo, forgot real camera

The executive committee of the Night Riders Union of Seattle fellowshipped Monday night with a delegation from the Nyte Ryderz of Renton, enjoying the ride south to Randy’s despite the mid-August rain and wind.

In all, four union members and six Nyte Ryderz attended, making it the largest ride in union history, and one of the less well-attended rides for the Nyte Ryderz.

There were no knife fights, nor was there any aggressive break dancing. Nobody got served anything but frosty chocolate milkshakes. The only breach of protocol was committed by Secretary Bobby Gentle, who while gesticulating wildly during formal introductions did cause a glass of water to spill and wet the crotch of a member of the Renton delegation. No firearms were drawn.

Following the fellowshipping, union members were escorted into the city of Renton and were brought to the Stairway to Heaven, a regular stop for Nyte Ryderz plying the twilight of South King County. There union members proffered an alcopop and a strawberry blunt to be shared as a gesture of goodwill.

Among the outcomes of the diplomatic mission were the following:
-An open invitation for union members to attend Nyte Ryder rides as well as a BBQ next Monday
-A tentative accord to begin a regular ride with members of both gangs
-A tentative accord to stage a Lake Washington loop ride with members of both gangs
-Tentative plans to rendezvous in Georgetown for a tour of union hot spots, including the Scrap Pile

“It was a triumph of fraternity,” said union President Nunca Morales. “It goes to show that night riders, be them in Renton or Seattle, have more in common than having things that are not in common. With each other. Have in common with each other, more of them, you know what I mean. We speak the same language, worship the same gods and can sit together like dirty hippies and drink FOUR Loko and smoke a blunt.”

 “Many thanks to the gracious members of the Nyte Ryderz for inviting us into their turf,’ said Secretary Gentle. “This proves that the negative reputation of street gangs is just mainstream media hype.”

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The shit winds

The winds of mercer island love night riders.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nick messed up his front wheel and it's my fault

Rolling through fremont tonight, no lights, nick hanging from my back door, i swerved to catch a curb cut and didnt yell or anything. Nick hit the cut midway, three or four inches of concrete. He didnt wreck, but he got a terrific dent in his front rim for his troubles. had to unhook his front brakes to get home. Totally shitty. But before his bike sustained critical damage, we hiked along the no man's land below the magnolia bluffs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ridin' Dirty -North Seattle CC

the night riding experience provided by North Seattle community college runneth over with excellence.

the second floor of the campus is a smooth concrete expanse, criss-crossed with sky bridges and walkways angling around buildings.

mysterious sounds were most likely custodians, not ghosts.

each time i ride across the ballard bridge i feel that my life is in danger.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fresh ... FRESH exciting!

The ride up from edmonds was easier than i expected. So in other words, it's a tease of a hill, but it isn't cruel.

Edmonds is a tease

The hill dropping into edmonds is bunk. Maybe that's not fair. sans headwind, it would be better. major disappointment. word to the mother bird.

Ridin' Dirty - all up in edmonds' grill

Just saw a bare chested man riding down the interurban.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who? Who?

Bombing down through disco park, slammed on the brakes when i came upon this inquisitive customer. Jeremiah and i were about five feet from him/her. s/he didnt seem freaked out at all.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Night Riders Union abandons Bremerton outpost

The two-year occupation of a West Sound union outpost came to an end Sunday.

At a news conference, Union Secretary Bobby Gentle declared the occupation a success and thanked the night riders whose drug and alcohol fueled bike riding helped chart and settle North and Central Kitsap.

'It was an exciting opportunity,' Gentle said. 'And now it is time to advance to the rear.'

Missions will be directed from the University District starting Monday.

The union first established an outpost in Bremerton in early 2007, then reloctated to Hansville in july 2009, and then back to Bremerton in December.

Some maintain the earliest night rides took place in Bremerton in summer 2008.

Although union officials called the Kitsap operation a success, Heustis Spillane, professor of labor studies at Rice University, said by all measures the gambit failed.

'Kitsap will be known as the union's Vietnam,' Spillane said.

When asked if the union would open another Kitsap branch, Gentle said, 'Fuck no.'

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Un night ride petit

Torch light traffic. Nick is a bad influence. Its finally summer in seattle, and mr. Q bitched out on a white center snugglefest.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Northgate to Velodrome

Mr. Q forgot his helmet. Had to go back from jeremiah's. heading to redmond.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Interurban Cowboys

first ride on the spine. zig zag blunts and warm four loko. Turned around in some god forsaken park 'n' ride.

first sunday night ride in some time. mild and humid.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Night Riders Union of Seattle now on Facebook!

Do you like the Night Riders Union of Seattle? Do you really like it?

Now you can show the world you like it so much you are willing to click a button on your mouse!

The benefits for liking are numerous, and require bullet points even though there are only two benefits, and they aren't really benefits:

-Annoying updates!

-Hectoring calls for night rides!

And as if there were any question, of course we are selling the list of Facebook “friends” to advertisers, the U.S. military and the Republican National Committee!

Click here for the group page.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I wrecked my back and can't ride

mine sucks

The quack said not to ride for two weeks. I almost cried.

The injury wasn't exactly biking related, or drunken biking related. Jeremiah and Mr. Q and I were hanging out at the scrap pile Saturday night, enjoying the view ( ... of the scrap pile) from atop the 8-foot steel wall. I had been drinking, among other things, and we were night riding, so draw your own conclusions.

While trying to scale down the wall I must have did something wrong –  those with back problems know, it's sometimes hard to tell what and why a back gets wrecked – because I felt an an uneasiness in the force, as it were.

The first sign usually is that I start walking funny, like I have a stick up my ass. But that's how I look most of the time, so I'm not sure anybody really notices but me. It felt a little stiff, a little sore, but, again, it always feels like that.

We continued the ride, southbound – talking shit to an overly sensitive security guard who shouldn’t jack off in his parked car if he doesn't want people to say he is jacking off in his parked car – but during the next stop, under a Tukwila bridge (Tukwila sucks), I leaned over to pick up my bag from the ground and that did it, my back about gave out.

Funny, though, I felt very little discomfort while riding. I was unable to ride no-handed, that kind of hurt, as I was basically sitting straight up on the saddle, but beside that no limits except for pain when mounting and dismounting. Kind of weird.

It's not as bad as it has been. I wasn't in bed for 10 days in the fetal position. Went to work, all that.

I saw a new chiropractor Tuesday, who told me I have the spine of a 55-year-old man. He said I will always have problems with my back. But what really hurt was the kibosh on riding.

He wanted to know how long I usually ride. Two hours is the standard, daily ride, although it's not as daily as it should be to be called 'daily.' He laughed. No riding, he said again.

I thought about saying 'fuck it.' if my back is going to suck, if one day I will be crippled permanently, I had better get my kicks. I didn't say 'fuck it,' although I have been swearing a lot. I'm thinking I'll miss next weekend too.

I wonder though, I'm not sure abstinence will help my back, but I'm sure it will help my gut.

The only thing that cheers me up is looking at this picture.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July weekend sucka

Living the high life.

a yard train was pulling a string of empties past the scrap pile. Curiously, another night rider rolled up alaska street behind us to check it out. Never seen so much activity back there.

'i got a gray and white kitty and a tabby too/ and a big orange guy who leaves snakes in my shoe.

mad mc skills leaving you struck/i'm rolling with my kitties and i'm hard as fuck'

-bubbles, trailer park boys, 'who's the microphone assassin?'

no fenders, no mercy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Viaduct Apocalypse Now or Later

"This visualization shows the collapse of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, part of Washingtons State Route 99, and adjacent seawall due to a seismic event. The simulated earthquake is similar to the 2001 Nisqually earthquake but lasts longer, is closer to Seattle, or has a slightly greater magnitude."

Monday, June 27, 2011

You can't stop comfy

The best thing about the bummertown ferry is the hour-long naps.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Way of the Sky: Vicissitudes and Altitudes of the Impoverished Mountain Kingdom in the Unincorporated Archipelago

Know the ledge

Drunkenly, we climbed the brutal backside of Skyway and it was one of several good ideas last night, which found me impaired and unable to post coherently from the road.

As we have previously discussed, Skyway* offers a rich world of discovery to the intrepid night rider. And as our reward for our intrepidness, the three-man crew, Voyage Physician Mr. Q and Voyage Engineer Jeremiah and myself, bombed a neverbeforebombed hill. A real beauty.

It's a roughly two-mile sortie from Skyway Bowl, down the Renton Avenue Extension to the stop light at Rainier Avenue, in front of the McDonald's I worked at one summer and later burned down. I didn't burn it down. Speeds in the 40+ mph range, maybe as high as 45 mph. It's hard to know, as the last descent is stiff but drops you at a traffic light.

There is also a bike lane down the hill, and the road condition is fair to good.

There are many ways to climb Skyway, but the one that seems easiest -- if not easiest, then perhaps best? -- is a three-stage climb of about 1.5 miles. What perhaps makes it best is the first and longest stage -- from S Henderson St to 51st Avenue S (cross street: S Gazelle Street) -- of about .9 miles takes place on the last leg of the Chief Sealth Trail. It's fairly burly.

The second stage, on 51st, isn't too bad, a tad under a half mile and gives you a chance to recover for ...

Stage Three sucks, but it is pretty short, about a fifth of a mile, climbing up 51st from S Bangor Street to the top of the hill, known as the Rainier View neighborhood and childhood home of my ninth grade sweetheart.

If you follow Beacon Ave for a ways, then take a left at Campbell Hill Elementary, the road will eventually take you the bowling alley. Take a right to bomb into Renton on the abovementioned descent, take a left to bomb back into Rainer Beach. A good ride, but rougher, darker, and with a flat spot, as I recall.

The whole ride was about 43 miles.

* As of 2000, Skyway was 44 percent white, 25 percent black and 22 percent Asian, the only place in the Northwest where whites did not represent 50 percent or more of the population.

The interesting thing about this, if it's true, is that the Census area groups Bryn Mawr, with waterfront and lake view properties, in with Skyway, which is filled with some views in some areas, but mainly aged houses and Soviet-style apartment buildings. As anybody who has attended middle school in Renton knows, there is a glaring disparity between the two neighborhoods. What they share, apparently, is status as unincorporated areas.

Ridin' Dirty - i peed on my handlebars

mr. q, giving directions in a culturally sensitive way
pride in seattle, so mr. q and jeremiah and i rode up to capitol hill. Along the waterfront, the girls deep in prom dresses. 'i'll get in back,' one tall blonde said.
mr. q offended a group of muslim girls who asked him to take their picture at greenlake.
'say bacon!' he said. their faces dropped. i mentioned it to him after they left. i prob should not have.
he felt bad, then regretted not catching up to them to apologize.
'what a jackass,' he said.
rolled to broadway and smoked a blunt in the infield at the diamond at pine and 12th. the streets are packed. new york state government approved a measure to allow gay marriage. impeccable timing.
south beacon hill, chief sealth trail. heading to renton. represent.
i accidently peed on my handlebars. im going to just have to come to terms with that.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

And now this ...

Took this a while ago on a post night ride snack. i wish i had something to add, but i think it speaks for itself, although im not sure what it is saying.