Sunday, November 27, 2016

Burma Road in the cold and rain

Here lies a lucky, long-lived gill-lung'd creature of the deep, which returned to its hometown for the holidays hoping to hump and die.

I found this fish, and others, ignorant to their own glory and grotesqueness, on the banks of Rendsland Creek as it flowed into the Hood Canal.

This time of year we get to see them, finally, the heartiest and horniest, which have up till now only shown us their backs underwater.

I grew up near the Cedar River and marveled at the water in fall. So many fish, just trying to get laid and die. Lewis and Clark refused to eat them, and instead ate their dogs and starved. If they caught any salmon themselves, they traded then to the natives for the village dogs and ate them. Idiots. 

Rode the Burma Road today. Intermittent rain, until the last 15 miles when it poured, which was cold af. 

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