Thursday, October 6, 2016

Columbia River GORGEous

On Sunday we go Portland to Gresham via Joe TriMetRO, then on to Hood River. Hopefully this wasn't the last bike adventure of the summer of 2016. 
All sorts of waterfalls, earth just peeing all over itself basically. So beautiful!
There was this thing. Much easier going down than up. 
Mosier tunnel. Oregon has been completing lots of projects on the route, including bike trails. Riding on I-84 is tolerable, though, because you make good time. 
We were lucky for having crappy weather. Sometimes the clouds got so dark it felt like sundown, other times we could see blue skies in the distance, but couldn't pedal fast enough to reach them. For a few fleeting moments the sun shined. No tents, got a room and kicked it like player outlaws on the lam, smoking pot and watching reality TV.
We never got caught in the pouring rain for long. Pretty great timing on the tunnels. On the ride back to Portland on TuesdayI put on my rain pants after Cascade Locks to ensure it would stop raining for the rest of the day.
Drank a lot of beer in Hood River. Really good beer. They have a really cool bookstore there as well. Plus, Pietro's Pizza. Old school Portland. Didn't make it to The Dalles, nor across the river to the Washington side. Kept it Oregon Trill.*

*trill = a portmanteau for 'true' and 'real'

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