Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Deep Kitsap Peninsula Penetration

On Sunday I tried to find a central route from the east shore of hood canal, where Redsland Creek cuts in front of the start of the Burma Road, all the way to the Lost Highway, and beyond. Despite what the maps say, I couldn't find anything. I even talked to locals, who claimed there was a road, but it got shut down 15 years ago and is now impassable and cut off by private property. Doubling back to the Tahuya River, I climbed up Belfair Tahuya road and cut in at Bald Point Vista. even though I log jammed in some other circuitous spurs with some less than optimal riding surfaces, I eventually found my way back to the road, some dirt, and then on to the Lost Highway. I should have tried to find the logging roads connecting to the east shore and ridden them back to Redsland to see where I popped out. I even thought about it when I was there. Dropped down effendahl pass through the Tahuya state forest.
Tahuya think you're talking to, bub?
In August this lake apparently dries up
Did not see another soul behind the fences. 
One of the lakes. Can't remember which one. There are a number of lakes in the Kitsap hinterlands, and they all have names. 
Some of the logging roads were tough to ride, like this one 
Bought a little cooler, had frosty beers and cold hummus in the bush. Like a civilized motherfucker. 
Piece in the mensroom of a downtown Bremerton bar. 
Detail from Judge Dred, the best law and justice themed pinball game
I'm a fan of rap music, I love rap music, but I went to see Macklemore in concert anyway because he played in the Paris of Kitsap County.

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