Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lester Ghost Town via Stampede Psssss daytrip

It wasn't too easy getting here
First you have to summit Stampede Pass, which feels as long as it is tall. Over about 8.5 miles you climb up and down about 3,000 feet on plenty of loose gravel. Going down the far side makes the washboard ruts and pools of gravel extra jarring and treacherous. It's a total of 30 miles round trip from camp, but it's also a four-mile round trip hike in and out, as bicycles are not allowed.
It's not an original idea, apparently, to go to Lester and look at the ghost town. Calling it a town, though, is a bit of an exaggeration. From just setting eyes on this place, one would estimate it is a railroad layup track, maybe a rail maintenance or a engine service way station that happens to have a clutch of old, uninhabited homes, in a nice little group, on the far side of the mainline.
At first, you think, I shouldn't just walk into this house here. It feels like something if not sacred, then cursed. Almost like it's a cemetery full of strangers, and you don't have any business here.
That didn't stop me. The insides were dank, and vandalized, but in sort of a half assed way. As though no vandal could really go all the way.
Not that they haven't tried. One day some idiot will probably burn the houses all down, and return Lester to the earth, if the city of Tacoma or BNSF doesn't get to them first.
A group of people were visiting here at the same time, and I overheard one woman comment that the kitchen spooked her the worst. No doubt the kitchen was weird. Refrigerator standing wide open (it was too dark for photos). But I found this room disturbing as well. The leaves blown into the corner, and the nice, baby blue walls.
This cozy little starter home is perfect for a single axe murderer.
Imagine Christmas morning here
Some are in better shape than others
shotgun blasts through the wall

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