Monday, June 27, 2016

Started from the bottom now we're here

The road to Sunrise is closed to the auto-driving public, but is open to the bicycle riding public. 
On the way up we hung out a little bit with Frank from Yakima. He's moving, after living there for 30 years, and is going to relocate to Soap Lake. 'That is a town without an agenda,' Frank said. Frank was overly friendly. Too eager, this guy.
'i was trying to get it on my own

Working all night, traffic on the way home
And my uncle calling me like "Where ya at?
I gave you the keys told ya bring it right back"'

We rode the sky tram at Crystal mountain and drank a beer at the top and got really high.
On the way down we got into the sky tram, but the two women we were to ride down were insistent that they didn't want to share the pod with us. Kind of the opposite of Frank: eagerly assholeish. Mark was nice and volunteered us to leave and wait.

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