Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tonasket, don't ask it

Tooled up the valley to tonasket from okanagan, bypassed omak and jumped back on highway(s) 97/20 in the tiny, slow motion village of riverside. It was warm and sunny today. I wanted to appreciaye this day, as it was one of the flatter stretches of 20. 
Fire ripped through these parts last year. 
Although I spent most of the day on service roads, I did ride the highway for a chunk in the middle, and that wasn't optimal pleasantness. But the view was pretty amazing. 
The little visitors bureau in tonasket has a bicycle tourist camp area. Basically a back yard. Nice restroom.
Crossing wauconda pass tomorrow, heard mixed reviews of the shoulder. Is this a rattlesnake? Should I get closer to find out for sure?

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