Friday, May 20, 2016


Spent about 40 miles paddling down US 395, all with a sweet tail wind. At times the log trucks and pick ups got to me, but still, finally having a tail wind was pretty sweet. The shoulder is wide, there were many places to stop and have Mexican cokes, and one gigantic huckleberry milkshake. Best of all, I got to leave colville. Veered onto back roads shortly after loon lake and did the conclusive 30+ miles on county two lanes. Spokane has grown so much. Aunt Judi's house used to feel so rural when I was a kid, now the suburbs have enveloped it on all sides. Tomorrow it's back to the west side, and then Monday back to the mines. 
Despite all the open space, there is precious little public space. In 70 miles I didn't pass a park until I was inside Spokane. While still on the outskirts, I came across a little cemetery. Inside I found this grave. Just a marker, no tombstone, no indication of when or how, just an unknown human.

On this trip I learned that the world is getting more crowded, gasoline engines are almost inescapable, and even if it's driving sleet at the mountain pass, and you are soaked to the gills and borderline hypothermic, if you just keep pedaling you will dry off and warm up and everything will be ok.

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