Monday, May 16, 2016

Loup Loup was a can of soup soup

Left Winthrop for twisp, first, and then up and over loup loup. I found this archeological garbage heap, complete with rusty cans and sherds. 
Sherds is a word I just learned while reading about treasure hunting. A sherd is a fragment of pottery. 
Check out all these fucking sherds, man
Unlike the passes on Saturday, I had a tail wind all the way up. It was glorious. Which allowed me better to appreciate the majesty. There is so much majesty out here these days.
Fires tore through here last yeAr
Even tho I had a tail wind, I still took lots of breaks. 
Once at the top I ate crackers and sardines and cheese and as I plummeted back down to earth, jimi hendrix's 'are you experienced?' Came on the jam box and I was all like fuck yeah.
Imagine these things covering whole hillsides.

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