Sunday, May 1, 2016

Anarchy in the SK - Port Orchard to Tacoma to Vashon looooop

This is Olalla, known to some in these parts as La La land. 
First time riding over the bridge. It was neat! Lot of normies, though, but neat just the same.
While crossing the Narrows Bridge, I saw a man leaning over the railing, it seemed, to freak out his girlfriend. It looked wholly unnecessary, stupid and a bit cruel, as the view was the same and yet here he was, big smile, acting like it was funny, or he was tough. It got under my skin. As I rolled past, I said: "Do a back flip." He thought it was funny, and she said, "Nooooooo." I regret saying that now.
62 miles, 3,900 feet

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