Monday, January 11, 2016

The world is lost without David Bowie

19 years old, rolling in Andy Vogel's Oldsmobile tunaboat in the Columbus, Ohio evening summer humidity, dusk dropping, freshly scrubbed from work that day, dry t-shirts, Icehouse beer sweating in our crotch, keeping dirt weed joints lit, Marlboro cigarettes. We park across the street from a basketball court and watch teenagers dunk on a lowered hoop. This song comes on the stereo. Andy cranks it up. We got drunk that night sitting in the weeds next to the freeway, drinking whiskey and reading Walt Whitman, we would strip off our clothes and run in the wet grass until the mosquitoes swiss cheesed us, staggered up the hill and met some people at a gas station. "You got any papers?" Woke up hungover in the morning and went to work.  I cry now when I hear that song, and when I think of that night. I wrote one honest line in my life, and it is: "I love everything too god damned much." That song, that night, that's what I meant with that one honest line. This is the line I wish I wrote: "Gee, my life's a funny thing, am I still too young?"

I never imagined we would all have to one day live in a world without David Bowie.

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