Sunday, September 13, 2015

Forest Service Road 41 loop

Up at 7am, on the road at 8am, headed to Easton for water, then planned to loop through the woods on FS 41. Had to ford Cabin Creek at the washout. 
Left the easy grades of the Iron Horse. Here is some wartime propaganda at the spigot.
Lots of washouts. Almost all required dismounting and walking, tho I rode a few, out if impatience, which was kind if dumb, considering I was alone and it was a pretty remote stretch of road. the section from the creek ford to the intersection of FS 4110 is pretty shitty, about 4.5 miles. Really beautiful, but ungroomed and treacherous. 
Past the 4110 turnoff surface conditions improve, until the switchbacks to the pass. On the final ascent it's loose gravel, washboard ridges, headwind and steep grades. But once you go over the pass, about 10 miles from the ford, it  becomes so gorgeous. 
This was the prettiest thing. Those mountains in the distance, the North Cascades, I've never seen them naked of snow, even in summer. I figured the loop would take me a couple hours. Actually, it took almost twice that. 
The gate to hell!! From Hyak I hauled ass. Made it back to North Bend in about 1.5 hours.

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