Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fort something to Bragg about!

Fort Bragg is a nice blend of post-industrial coastal blight, with it's superfund waterfront behind chain link, and Ugly American beachresort destination. It has two bookstores and a video rental business. 
Used today to rest up. Got a room at the Oceanside Inn. The raspy man at the desk said the room smells. He offered to spray it for me.

Did laundry, dried out the tent, soaked from ocean mist, reupped at the grocery store and bought more fuel for my stove.
A couple years ago I visited my friend Brook in nearby Willits. He took me to this pizza place, where I ate this evening. Had a beer at a nearby tavern while waiting for the pizza. 49ers preseason was on TV, but the fella on the stool next to me said he was really a Green Bay fan. I kept my big mouth shut. 

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