Monday, August 10, 2015

Crescent City has some problems, is very beautiful

Crescent City isn't Port Orford weird, but it's weird. Kind of a way station for the transient human population who migrates Highway 101.

Speaking of which, yesterday, after leaving Humbug Mountain, we hung around a viewpoint for Sisters Rock, which was socked in by mist. Briefly we could see the outline, and it looked magnificent, so we waited an hour. The mist got thicker though, so we saddled up. As we pushed our bikes back onto the highway, we encountered a random woman, a bit road weary, pushing a baby carriage loaded with luggage. I asked her if she was ok. Seemed a natural enough question. 'Yes,' she said, a bit surprised by my inquiry.
At high tide this lighthouse becomes an island. 
What are these things? What do they do?
Lots of seals and pelicans.

The jetty was pretty much the only thing happening. 
Carpet diem, words to live by.

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