Sunday, July 12, 2015

Seattle to Skykomish, overnighter shakedown

Eagle Falls, off Highway 2, not too far out of skykomish. We headed out at 6:30am Saturday, fully loaded more or less. Highway 2 has some segments with nice shoulders, many segments with no shoulder, including bridges. 69 miles up. 
I know it's called Eagle Falls because there is a sign on the road that says, when calling 911 to report a spinal injury or drowning, tell the dispatcher you are at Eagle Falls. He or she will know what you are talking about. 
There were little fish in these stagnant pools, trapped as the waterflow diminished. I'm sure there is some kind of bummer metaphor there. 
The last time we hopped a freight train was on these tracks. The trains ran all night 100 yards from our campsite. 
'Harry and the Hendersons' was filmed in these parts.  

Near the Money Creek Campground, named after the world famous vocalist, Eddie Money. 
At a bar in skykomish 
Got a flat, up hill, in the rain. Then after breakfast in Gold Bar, Mr. Q got one.
Here, this little church on the highwayside
We reminded god we were out of spare tubes and asked for safe passage through this world of cars and trucks. 53 miles Sunday. 

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