Sunday, June 14, 2015

Still life with Bremerton

The junk shop at the Perry Avenue Mall shut down. Poor Tweety Bird presumably  broke her neck against the window. 
Many of the machines at the mall's laundromat are broken and tagged with handwritten 'out of order' signs. A tv hanging from the ceiling shows the local government access channel. On the tv is the mayor and a city councilman of a nearby, affluent city. They are talking about Bremerton, they are criticizing Bremerton city government. Both say they didn't understand a recent decision, and both said they felt sorry for Bremerton. 
Somebody made a little home under an eave in a condemned apartment complex. 
They made art on the walls
Sally is a Bremerton artist who made clandestine biblical themed bookmarks in the jail, using the adhesive backing on menstrual pads. 
Sally smuggled out the bookmarks in the mail.
Grammar jerks are funny sometimes. I don't even know if that's correct, but I do know even if it isn't, I get it. 
In the summer the ivy and morning glory and blackberry bushes grow in riots. Shameless, thirsty growth. 

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