Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Yakima Canyon Crimestarters

Carolyn, Tasha, Sean, and I all got up early Sunday and drove to Ellensburg.
We parked at a Flying J truck stop off I-90 and immediately started using drugs and alcohol. Here is Sean drinking one of the delicious Lime-a-Ritas I got for us. He made fun of them, but he drank them.
The ride through the Yakima River Canyon is brought to you by the good people at Crimestoppers of Yakima County. They shut down the road to (most) vehicle traffic and let cyclists run amuck.
We didn't pay the $50 per person fee. Carolyn said fuck it, let's crash this motherfucker. It may have irked some, plainly we didn't have a fancy sheet of paper with a number attached to our bike, but most didn't seem to give a Flying F.
Sean brought a bottle of Slurricane, one of rapper E-40's brands. Excellent choice. 
We had several safety meetings. Here is Tasha at one of them. She just slipped a dollar bill into the empty bottle of Slurricane and is about to toss it into the river. 

Oh, there she goes, she's throwing it. Some lucky person may find it one day. What do you think they will buy with that moldy dollar bill?
The scenery was very beautiful, with the green of spring giving way to high prairie gold of summer.
We were the youngest non-children among the riders. Most were cool.
How did we get back to the car? Well, that's a story for another time. The ride takes place in May every year. You should go. Don't be stuck up, go. 

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