Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Post-historic Yakima River Canyon art cave bed 'n breakfast

Outside of Selah, parallel to the road, there is a decommissioned length of highway.
At the end of the stretch of decommissioned highway is this tunnel, long since caved in and surrendered to the disaffected youth of the area. 
Here youths use drugs to get high and also here they make each other pregnant.
Youth also make graffiti art on the rocks.
I think I would like to someday, after I retire, move into this cave. 
It could be my like bed and breakfast. 
Tea is at 2, I would tell my guests, upon check in. Oh, and later, some boys will come in the night to threaten us. 
The tell-tale signs of PARTY are all around. 
Writers today can order tips online, and art supply stores stock wide selections of premium rattle cans, thick with pigment and hot with propellant. At this location, we observed only Rustoleum and Krylon. 

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