Monday, September 22, 2014

Scenes from the West Side

It's beautiful here, in so many ways. Like this view from the ferry at sunset, the hammerhead crane in the foreground. 
And the view from Green Mountain, with a rainbow in the sky. 
Then there is the beauty of a no panhandling sign painted on the side of a mini mart. The owner of this particular store backed off an armed robber recently with a piece of his own. The man also carries twin .357s, named for his favorite confederate generals. 
And if your idea of a delicious lunch is a plate of onion rings and a powerade to wash it down, you might think this lunch special is beautiful. 
There is also the pipefit beauty of a ferry, which is beautiful to all the cold and flu germs you will catch aboard this rust bucket. also, if you see a trans teen aboard the ferry carrying a sword and shouting into a cell phone that s/he wants to kill somebody, give them a wide berth. 
Really, is there anything more beautiful than a fleet of shopping carts tucked in for the night at the local winco?
Police line tape can give a dull parking lot a festive dash of panache!

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