Sunday, August 31, 2014

Port Angeles to Discovery Bay

Get enough pot, sugar, caffeine, and granola bars in you, your ass won't hurt, your knee won't hurt, and your nerves won't flinch as a relentless convoy of trucks and SUVs blast past you at a thousand miles per hour.

 Grateful Dead on the jam box and loooooong downhills. 

The Olympic Discovery Trail is pretty great, except for the stretch between PA and Sequim. Steepest climbs ever. Later in the fall, when it is more damp and more leaves cover the blacktop, I can imagine it would be sketchy for walkers. 

The trail through the farmy Dungeness Valley is full of turns and is completely fenced in. Respect private property signs botch the landscape the length of this stretch, but the fenced in trail is a total bummer. Turns and fences. Turns and fences. Dung warned me, he said stick to the highway, just get it over with. But there are a few cool things like produce exchanges with nothing edible and lots of old people riding recumbents. Once I got on the other side of Sequim it got awesome again. 

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