Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lake Crescent to Port Angeles - Highway to the Danger Zone with Dung

This is Dung, he is a machine. We shared a campsite and in the morning rode the south shore of the lake, Highway 101's gauntlet. (The Spruce Railroad Trail was closed, I had just learned, foiling my plans. Plans.) Dung has no fear, and volunteered to take the tail end of our two-man train. He planned to ride back to Seattle, an estimated 120 miles or so. It would not be the longest day riding of his trip. 

Here is our camp, which looks like our bikes exploded. I'm really glad he showed up in the no vacancy campsite, looking for a place to stay, as his bike was in seriously dangerous condition. Not only were his brakes in desperate need of adjustment, I'm surprised he could stop, his front wheel was not secure in his fork, the skewer had no tension, and the axle rattled around in the drops. I'm surprised his front wheel didn't just fly off, with his face close behind. 

A light rain fell as we left, RVs and log trucks, but the shoulder wasn't the narrowest either of us had seen. Climbing out of the Elwha River valley was more daunting. The rain cleared before PA. 

Heading east, the park provides a flashing signal to alert motorists to the presence of cyclists. I reckoned it was more of a sugar pill. There was no signal light sign for cyclists heading west, interestingly, as the counter-clockwise route seems more popular. Dung disagreed, though. He swore by it. 

Here he is, pushing the button, full of confidence. 

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