Friday, May 2, 2014

83 degree May Day - Green Mountain State Forest

Green Mountain State Forest is a giver. Saw only a few ATV'ers and a trio of cyclists, all out having good times. Lots of climbing. The main road is quite nice, and through the end of May the summertime gates are closed to cars (This I was told by some guy who sounded like he knew what he was talking about), leaving this moderately vast Kitsap hinterland most serene. The secondary roads, not all, are decent, with some rocks, soft spots, and daunting climbs. Horsewomen and horsemen use the forest, frequently accompanied by actual horses, and there is a cool horse camp that is empty of human and beast right now, and would otherwise be pleasant if not for the equine retinue of flying bloodsucking pests that, at the drop of a beau chapeau, willingly ladle the blood of men, women, and children. I think the black flies and horse flies are starving right now, they came after me like I owed them money. The cyclists I met said they enter the forest from Leber Lane NW off Northlake Way. 

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