Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rattle Cans and Toys: A deadly combination

The lovely Nikki - Photo by Nick - Aug. 2011

They finally did it. Lasting a brief two years, the artwork Steve nailed to the side of his garage has been thoroughly ruined.

Aug. 2013
This particular piece of art sparked discussion, like the kind found in the comments on the Stranger's blog post about the piece, but perhaps it also sparked intelligent discussion. In any case, having it in the alley was better than nothing. The man on the currency is a former banker, known for his recklessness and incompetence, for which he was paid quite handsomely.

There isn't much to say about it now that it is dead. Instead of a statement about American capitalism, it is now a statement about something else. I blame energy drinks. And the media.

May, 2013
The piece wasn't defaced all at once. In fact, it lasted quite a long time with only minor marring, but not that long, considering Steve did print block letters on it pleading, "Respect My Artwork - Please No Tags." Technically, the graffiti are not tags, they are called "throw ups," or more accurately, "fill ins." Some fill ins are cool looking, but most look like throw up.

The first major defacement wasn't that bad. In fact, one might argue it made a boring, indistinct face more interesting. It also wounded the piece, alerting the vultures.

Steve is going to paint over it, give it a proper burial. He said it will be replaced by another mural, but will keep the theme of the dollar bill.

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