Wednesday, August 21, 2013

White center to renton to u district ballers

From and the annals, no, bowels, of Tukwila
Reid's first night ride. he insisted on beer, but he partook in a snack cake, and was not unimpressed.

Altogether, the day's mileage was about 50 miles. First it was to White Center, to hang with Manda and Maybe, then penetrated north Burien, if such a place exists, and dropped down into Tukwila, intersecting the Green River Trail, where I had been 24 hours before, and then into Renton to meet up with Reid.

I was prepared to complain about how tired I was. Then Reid said he would ride me home to the U District, and mentioned that he had already ridden 50 miles today. I didn't complain, and he didn't complain about how slow I was.

That's three south side night rides in three nights: Renton, Skyway, Rainier Beach, Central District, Chinatown, Georgetown,Tukwila, White Center, Delridge, Burien, South Park, Allentown ... sheeeet. South side ain't no joke, sucka.


  1. the complain-o-meter seem to be functioning well!

  2. i might have complained a little bit