Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The River and the Ferris Wheel

Jeremiah and I met on the waterfront, and shared a brownie
Scouting new routes on the other side of the river, looking for a monster. A Monster Road. The path may prove too monstrous, it may taunt us, it may get judgemental. But our journey follows the path of safety. Thats why we are chasing geese in the middle of the night. We are bigger and smarter than them.

Here is a map of the newly discovered route. As you will note, there are many ways to get to 42nd Ave S, we took the sketchy old foot bridge. The climb up South 129th Street is a little harrowing, especially when climbing the narrow, elevated sidewalk, where it feels like you are dangling above a freight yard and I-5. Renton Coal Mine Road South is pretty excellent. It isn't a great alternative to taking the Green River Trail into Renton, as it is considerably more treacherous, with the climb up 129th, but it might shave off some time, plus it is a lot more interesting.

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