Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I was born a coal miner's daughter

Rainier Beach
Renton Coal Mine Road South is its name, and it's not easy to find. rightly so. it rides up Skyway's ass like a thong, and junctions with MONSTER ROAD, and leads into renton.

while futzing through the black river marshland trails, we came upon a woman sitting in the dark, off to the side of the path, her belongings surrounding her, smoking. i had seen her at that spot before, the first was last july, with jack, but also during the winter, in the rain. its like she was walking the trail, then suddenly it all became too much, and she plopped down on the ground and hasnt moved since.

also, i lost my brand new hoodie. It was strapped to my rack. Now it's gone. I loved that sweatshirt. It would have come in handy tonight. 

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