Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ridin' Dirty - Tha Hillzz

Good night to be on the bike, and not walking. at a bus stop on rainier, watched as two yound ladies beat the shit out of a man sitting on the bench. Two young gents stood nearby, seeing as the task at hand was being handled. They punched and punched, him cornered, until he leaped to his feet, swinging wildly. trusty no. 7, clambering and clanking, came farting up rainier to break it up. once mighty, the no. 7 has been emasculated, marginalized. Down the road a bit, four foppish toughs leered at me from the dark, like coyotes eye-humping a kitty cat. in renton, shift change at boeing, a 60yo cyclist who may be described as severely cyclist, passed us going the opposite direction. exuberent now that he is clocked out and heading home. 'have a safe ride, guys!'

coulon is cool

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