Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chicago bike share passes the stoned cyclist test

Chicago started its bike share program, Divvy, in July, and it went over like a fixed election.

All over downtown, tourists can be seen helmetless on the blue bikes, clumsily getting in the way.

Seattle is moving on a similar program. Will it harm bike rental shops? Will our helmet law put a damper on the fun? Will our hills and hair-raising thoroughfares prove too intimidating?

In Chicago, where it is flat and spread out and sweltering, the bikes work great. Internal geared hub, 3 speeds, drum brakes, i could raise the saddle high enough. I strapped my backpack to the front rack and rode along the lake as far as my eyes could see before they were blinded by sweat. A couple miles.

After getting high - and taking a picture of my bike so I would remember that time in Chicago I took a picture of my bike - I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I wasn't wearing a helmet.

I started to get a little paranoid, so i put the bike back where i found it and went to the Art Institute to look at strange and wonderful things.

This is the best thing I saw

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