Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Traveling Riverside Redux

Rode up from Tacoma on Thursday. Shy of 60 miles. At about mile 40 I started scheming of ways to get home other than ride my bike. But despite my laziness, I finished the ride. Pretty much the same route, in reverse, that Mr. Q and I took in October.

Here is the map.

The bus ride down to the Paris of Pierce County took about an hour and cost $3.50. Here is info on regional bus routes from Sound Transit.

Beside the stunningly beautiful weather, sun and temperatures in the 70s, it was a fairly uneventful ride.

However, while pushing up through Algona -- a little slice of Lewis County, with all the Tea Party agitprop -- I chatted with a man in a truck waiting at a stop light.

I think he might have been drunk and seeing double, because he asked, "Where are you all going today?"

"Seattle," I said.

"Seattle? There's nothing to look at in Seattle. It's ugly."

All around us was the valley sprawl, with its dumpy little houses.

"What about this place?" I said.

"Nature," he clarified. "Nature is nice to look at."

I had to ask for directions more often than I would have liked.

A little later, while poking around, looking for the Interurban Trail, I asked a woman leaving a convenience store for directions.

She pointed across the street, "The trail is right there," she said. She then took hold of my elbow and said, "Be careful out there."

Altogether the ride took about six hours.

Note: These photos don't do much for the story. I took them to get a time stamp of when I stopped. But they do show what a nice day we had here in the Puget Sound region.


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