Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roll on Green River

dipped a toe in auburn, felt like vindication. heading back. now, beneath the racket of i-5, watched a big train rolling into seattle almost as slow as the river, bookended by a squad of humming engines.

Strung between my cable housing is a cat's cradle of spider webs, picked up from where they lingered in the air above the trail, electrified in front of my headlight beam. near my left shifter is a small yet sturdy orb web with a small spinner strapped in for dear life. he is close enough to my hands that i can extend a finger and stroke him like a pet, my spider hood ornament.

we've seen many rabbits tonight. big ones, small ones, rabbits alone, rabbits in groups. even when you cant see them darting in the margins of the highbeam, you can hear them rustling in the bushes, uneasy. a few miles back, a spotted specimin of bunnydom broke across the trail in front of us. as he changed direction, you could hear its little toe nails scrapping against the black top.

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