Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don't call it a comeback

message from the president:
night rides have begun once again. w the 2 recent injuries in our past we look to move fwd. to destroy more hills and ogle more hotties and get mo loko
-mr. q, nunca morales
q-do u want to say anything?
a-not necessarily
'you can be my mama
and ill b yr boy
original rude boy
never am i coy
you could be a shorty in my ill convoy'
'rappers suck
when they spit i doubt em
the crap they sing about
you wanna slap the (expletive deleted) shit out of em'
-mf doom
mr q to bollard: 'we meet again'


  1. Out to rock the globe while it's still here to rock
    Don't punch girls, and we don't punch a clock
    Gotta go, gotta go, see you later by the cat
    And you can't beat that with a bat

    Blacker than the nighttime sky of Bed-Stuy in July
    Blacker than the seed in the blackberry pie
    Blacker than the middle of my eye
    Black like feh-lah man cry
    Some man wan ask "Who am I?"
    -Mos Def

    Milk is chillin, Gizmo's chillin
    What more can I say? Top billin
    That's what we get, got it good
    And since you understood, would you
    Bite a rhyme, if you dare
    I get the papers so I don't care
    -Milk D (right?)