Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mouth Will Rise Again

Mr. Q, president, back in the saddle, healed, his winning smile returned and burnished to a high charm, his bottom bitch stripped down and rebuilt and retaped, did return to the streets sunday night.
His destination: the monarch, lucky number 7, to pay a visit.
Unofficial, but a night ride nevertheless.
it does a brutha good to see him out and about, spreading hope and profanity.
it will be some time before this fella can mount up and ride, maybe another month or so. But mr. Q's return is a glorious harbinger of what is to come.
perhaps it is a good thing my bike is in pieces, awaiting a fresh coat of paint. the temptation, too much temptation.

'i'm the bad man and bad men wear black
and if it comes to dropping bombs, yo, I'm with that'
-sadat x

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