Monday, December 19, 2011

Keep Yo Shit Tight, Aight – DIY Bike Repair Stations in the U District

Photo: David Tan/UW Daily
There are now five self-service bike repair stations open 24/7 on campus, making the University District a most hospitable neighborhood for night riders. Not only can you drive a Memo's Washington burrito all up in your guts, ogle drunk sorority sisters, and score a twump twizzie from one of the Ave's entrepreneurs with very little effort, you can fix minor mechanicals on the fly.

Here is the UW Daily's story on the Dero Fixit stations.

Most helpful are the bike pump and the repair rack. No crank remover or bottom bracket tools, but they have pedal and headset wrenches available. One less monkey to stop the show.

  • UW Medical Center
  • Spokane Lane north of Kane Hall
  • Thurston Lane near Bagley Hall
  • the IMA
  • William Gates Hall

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