Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ridin' Dirty - washelli cemetery to auburn

Looks like we might have to take the scrap pile off the night riders destination list. bummer.
for the third time after jeremiah had his accidental incident with a weak length of hose, we encountered security, blowing up the spot. This time the 'officer' was not masturbating in his car. he was walking the beat. a real go getter.
'i think if we give it some time,' said president q, nodding wisely.
on our way to auburn. mr q didnt fancy the bombing of white center. it must be attempted before the nigh end of summer.
mr. q also bitched about metallica, so put on DOOM.
vanilla cone kicked our ass.
63.5 degrees. wonderful, everything is wonderful.

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  1. "said president q, nodding wisely."

    *emphatic golf clap*