Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Night Riders Union abandons Bremerton outpost

The two-year occupation of a West Sound union outpost came to an end Sunday.

At a news conference, Union Secretary Bobby Gentle declared the occupation a success and thanked the night riders whose drug and alcohol fueled bike riding helped chart and settle North and Central Kitsap.

'It was an exciting opportunity,' Gentle said. 'And now it is time to advance to the rear.'

Missions will be directed from the University District starting Monday.

The union first established an outpost in Bremerton in early 2007, then reloctated to Hansville in july 2009, and then back to Bremerton in December.

Some maintain the earliest night rides took place in Bremerton in summer 2008.

Although union officials called the Kitsap operation a success, Heustis Spillane, professor of labor studies at Rice University, said by all measures the gambit failed.

'Kitsap will be known as the union's Vietnam,' Spillane said.

When asked if the union would open another Kitsap branch, Gentle said, 'Fuck no.'

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