Monday, June 20, 2011

What good is one leg?

Driving on highway 101 today, along the hood canal, i twice passed a one-legged man in a wheelchair propelling himself by kicking the ground along the road shoulder.

he inched on his way, backwards, the back of his bald head facing on coming traffic.

the highway is very narrow and winds in sync with the rolling fjord shoreline. several cars slowed down so as not to hit him.

i watched in my rearview. his expression was calm, not furious, as i expected. i dont know why really.

i told dad. i said it was strange.

'why do you think that's strange?' was his reply.

i saw him again, on the drive to bummertown. he was kicking himself along the highway to belfair.

humid this weekend, memo's crispy chicken taco is a screaming deal.

rode only about 10 miles saturday.

it was mr. q's family camping drinking trip, near the dalles.

the the last boat to bummertown, the 1:50am, can be a hectic sail, with the drunk sailors and sports fans. it is peaceful tonight.

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