Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ridin' Dirty - i peed on my handlebars

mr. q, giving directions in a culturally sensitive way
pride in seattle, so mr. q and jeremiah and i rode up to capitol hill. Along the waterfront, the girls deep in prom dresses. 'i'll get in back,' one tall blonde said.
mr. q offended a group of muslim girls who asked him to take their picture at greenlake.
'say bacon!' he said. their faces dropped. i mentioned it to him after they left. i prob should not have.
he felt bad, then regretted not catching up to them to apologize.
'what a jackass,' he said.
rolled to broadway and smoked a blunt in the infield at the diamond at pine and 12th. the streets are packed. new york state government approved a measure to allow gay marriage. impeccable timing.
south beacon hill, chief sealth trail. heading to renton. represent.
i accidently peed on my handlebars. im going to just have to come to terms with that.

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