Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dyes Inlet Loop route

Something strange happened at work today. Right about the time we hit deadline, it stopped raining, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. It was the exact opposite of what usually happens when I get off work.

Good ride. Sunset over the Olympics. Clear skies, big moon.

This is the go-to route, a quick Central Kitsap jaunt, a nice spin not just for a West Bremertonian as it is just a(n hour) ferry ride from the Seattle waterfront. It's a tad over 19 miles, and features two big hills, several medium hills, and very little of the flat and level. Kitsap is kind of like that, it kind of sucks.

I usually go counter clockwise, mostly because, when i can, i like to start out catching the tailwind ascending the Warren Avenue Bridge. It's easier to face a headwind on the way back, for some reason, plus it puts the biggest climb, up the south end of Chico Way, at the end.

Also, the hills getting out of Bremerton are a rude awakening for legs that have been beneath a desk all day.

However, heading clockwise would set one up for a killer sortie near Kitsap Lake and heading into Chico.

(Damn Bikely)

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