Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remember to recycle your graphics...

by John Pepys (NRU)

That's what one must to do when heading out for a 32 mile scenic night ride and forgetting to bring the camera. Anyway, I completed a solo circumnavigation of Mercer Island this fine evening. Left Magnolia just after 11 o'clock and was treated to a beautiful, nearly full moon just coming up. As I cruised south on the Elliot Bay Bike Trail, it appeared just above Seahawks Stadium--glowing a kind of ghostly yellow. At the bike tunnel, I stopped to huff and puff a while, then ventured across the I-90 floating bridge.

I must say, I really dig the Mercer Island loop. It makes for an ideal night ride: the streets are well-paved, it's very dark for most of it, and there are very few cars to deal with. Only two cars passed me from behind on the entire loop. And though riding such a hilly, winding road in total darkness may deter some, I'm right at home on the darkest streets and trails as long as I've got my trusty Night Crusher 3000. In addition to having smooth, immaculately paved streets, another plus is that the entire Mercer Way loop has reflectors on the street--yellow reflectors to mark the center line and white ones to mark the shoulder. With the beam of the Night Crusher thrown well out in front of me, I could easily see the contours of the road ahead.

As I made my way back towards the floating bridge on North Mercer Way, the hunger set in. I was kicking myself for not thinking to bring some sandwiches along--or a banana, anything! Toughed it out, though, and made it back to Magnolia just in time to see Stephanie off to work. And now, me and my sore rump are done for a day or two.

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