Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Outer Mongolia Recon

SPU says, "Don't @*!& with us!"
by John Pepys (NRU)

Seattle--Tonight, Jeremiah and I conducted a thorough reconnaissance mission of that veritable kingdom of conspicuous consumption: Magnolia. On what is nominally a five and a half mile loop, we traveled a convoluted route of 13.6 miles, exploring dark alleys, dead end streets, and vacant housing developments--and scaled the Bluff twice in the process.

Our first ascent was via the official "Scenic Bike Loop"--as designated by the sharrows--on Magnolia Blvd. Once we reached Discovery Park at Emerson St., we reversed course and headed back south on Viewmont Way. This turned out to be one heck of a bomb, as Jeremiah's cycloputer showed that we hit 30 MPH on the descent. We landed in the heart of Magnolia Village--back at the floor of the valley. Thus, getting back to Disco Park entailed scaling the Bluff again.

This time we climbed up on 37th Ave W and W Armour St. Let me tell you, Armour is no joke! Every bit as steep as Denny Way over I-5, it presented a real challenge. However, we both made it to the top--no heart attacks.

After that, we were both disinclined to go back down again until our recon mission was complete. We examined the vacant million-dollar homes that comprise the new development called "Briarcliff." Next we scouted the Magnolia Water Tower at 38th Ave W and W Dravus St. From there, we proceeded to carpet-bomb that part of the neighborhood. We zigged and zagged east and west between 37th Ave W and Viewmont Way, and stretching north to south from Emerson to Raye several times.

Finally, we entered the Disco and headed down the darkest trail we could find. There was talk of mobbing down that gargantuan hill right to the beach, but neither of us was in the mood to tackle that beast coming back up, after already having climbed the Bluff twice. So, instead of the beach, we restricted ourselves to exploring the high places of the park. When it was time to start heading back, we got to mob about half way down on a very dark and bumpy back road. This put us out on a flat street adorned with a secluded little outhouse.

All that remained was a short, swift descent from there via 41st Ave W and W Commodore Way. Rolled past the Ballard Locks and across the Fort St. bridge to get back to Jeremiah's. All in all, it made for an entertaining little ride.
the only place in Seattle where I'm persona non grata


  1. What gives, Andy? This doesn't sound like your usual fare.

  2. that's because it's not "Andy"--whoever that is. this article was by John Pepys. ;)