Thursday, May 12, 2011

Night ride - love conquers all

Colt 45 blast blueberry pomegranate, scrap pile.

got the light working. Far out. Brighter than ever.

going to mob down admiral, simulate what our brave astronauts endure.

thinking we need to start planning the summer ride, the loop de suburbia.

anybody down? i was thinking maybe july 9, the night of the STP, i think. Give the kitsap brothers and sisters, and the rank and file, a chance to meet and greet, and ride drunkenly.

peace to dan, who is riding 20 miles tonight, penetrating north kitsap, with a camelback full of beer.

sorry, i was just ranting about republicans.

'that dude is not a serious thinker, but he's a highly opinionated ass hole'

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