Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make-up ride

at the trolley station...

by John Pepys (NRU)

Seattle--Once the monsoon relented this evening, I felt compelled to get out there for a rare Monday night ride after being rained out Saturday. Stopped at Jeremiah's in Magnolia, and from there went to South Lake Union via the Ship Canal Trail. I tooled around in the park for a while before heading out on Broad St. to 5th Ave. Then took 5th all the way to Dearborn St. From there to the I-90 tunnel. I considered heading across the floating bridge just for kicks, but decided I'd better get home--it being a school night, and all. So I descended down Mt. Baker back to Dearborn and came home via the waterfront. Turned out to be a cozy little ride at 45 degrees. The only time I really felt cold was when I was leaving the tunnel, at which point it had dropped down to 42. But, as usual, the waterfront was several degrees warmer, and I returned home in comfort. Seventeen miles in just about an hour and a half.
Big Red at ease in the I-90 bike tunnel

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