Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let the eagle soar

No night riding tonight. Instead mark worked on a design for a frame mounted jam box, while jeremiah and i lent moral support.
it was such a nice day too. Did some yard work. Around 7pm the rain started pouring.
rode from magnolia to the ferry terminal in a monsoon.
caught the 12:50 am, the last boat to bummertown.
the public is freely bitching about the weather. Heard that so far this year there has been three days with temps higher than 60 degrees.
Its mid may.
The year is almost half over.
the good news is the light seems to be fixed.


  1. Finally five days of sun forecast here, send it your way when we're done. The bike hunt begins in earnest!

  2. Hey man, do you have the schematics for your bike light handy anywhere?


  3. Hey Justin:

    here is the basic info, however my friend jeremiah has developed a few upgrades that make it work much better.

    also, there has been some talk about trying new materials, as the steel is rather heavy.

    there are a couple steps that sort of reach beyond what most people have in their garages/basements, including grinding out the housing and soldering the circuitry, but really it's not too hard.

    if you need any more info, or just would like jeremiah to build you one, hit me up.

    bobby gentle