Friday, May 6, 2011

Bummertown Jumper Denied

a guy, having a spirited exchange on a cell phone mid span of the warren avenue bridge at 1 a.m., got up on the railing.

the bridge is a pretty good distance up from the salt water below, the port washington narrows, & if you jump and are lucky you will die.

maybe it's because i spent my tender years in renton, but calling 911 makes me feel like a narc. Cops took no time.

i hollered at the guy - he was on the other side, fortunately - but he wouldn't answer me.

for a second i thought maybe he was recording a rap into a voice message account. He could be a local MC keen on verisimilitude. I dont think it was completely off base, he was screaming himself hoarse & there were quite a few 'you stupid bitch' refrains. he got disconnected, fiddled with his phone, quiet now, & then started again moments later.

now my name and address is in ileads. plus the blotter. that's super.

rode the bridges because it's dry. cleaned the crank & BB, but creaking remains. noisy bike.

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